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Privacy Policy

CRC2 (Cycle-re-Cycle Part II Inc) takes personal privacy in regards to information collected for the purpose of sales SERIOUSLY.  We do not sell or exchange e-mail addresses or personal information with anybody. All sales are encrypted .

Your Information

Information for the purpose of processing your order is kept confidential. We do not share this information with any 3rd parties. It is strictly used to process your order and then filed in our main office with one hard copy that may be used later if the information is needed for inquiry to the specific purchase you made at that time. It is not used to follow up or to contact you for future sales leads or to add you to a mailing list that you did not opt to be part of. Your IP address is recorded at the time you make a purchase to protect you from credit card fraud in the event a 3rd party may be using your credit card number for making online sales. This will allow the proper authorities to possibly find these individuals and prosecute them for fraud by tracking the source of the incoming user.  


We do send credit card numbers or expiration dates VIA e-mail. If this sort of information is needed for correction or a sale that was made offline, we will call directly to inquire. We will never ask for any personal information other than a name or address correction VIA e-mail. If a party sends and e-mail requesting this information, it is not us and we recommend you do not answer and immediately delete the e-mail.  So if in doubt, delete the e-mail and send us an inquiry e-mail separate to ask if this information was generated by someone in our company. You will only receive e-mail from the following addresses owned by our company.,
and (main e-mail) (Only used to process orders and not recommended for replies)

Our web sites only include the following URL's (our main URL with our Online Catalog) (forwards to address above) (forwards to .net address) (forwards to main URL) (personal site for pictures of bikes linked to the store)

When ordering from our catalog make sure you only see one our main URL or our secure URL listed before continuing. This will guarantee you have not been connected to another link other than ours for processing. 

Your Credit Card Billing and Processing

Our web site does not make charges to your card online, with the exception of Paypal related payments. Charges are made in our main store at the time we process your order for shipping. Typically this is done the same day as your items ship. Sometime the card will be billed a few days before the shipment if the items are being ordered or you have ordered an item listed as "Special Order". You will find that by our company charging "in-store" that you won't be charged ahead of time for an item that may be out of stock or not available. This will remove the inconvenience of waiting for a credit to your card for an item that is not being shipped, and allow the money to stay on your credit card, where it belongs, if we can't complete the sale for some reason. We do not feel it to be fair to have funds removed from your card for any time if a company can not follow through with shipment of the goods you ordered!

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