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Cycle-Re-Cycle Part II, Inc. BBB Business Review

These are a few happy customers that took the time to let us know. We left the names off for our customers privacy, which we take VERY seriously.

I just wanted to let you know that I received my order today after placing it on Tuesday. I've always gotten good service from your company, but this is the quickest I've ever received an order from ANYONE without paying a fortune in shipping, and I've been ordering car and motorcycle parts for thirty-five years.

As the owner of two old motorcycles, I always check your web site before I even look locally for parts because of the service I've gotten from you in the past.  I've spoken to your people on the phone as well and have always gotten accurate technical information.  It's great to know there's still a company around with people who know the meaning of customer service.

Keep up the great work!

KZ650 Chopper

Cycle Re-Cycle Part II,

Thank you for providing the resources for this bike to happen.  When I first purchased this bike it did not run, and I knew little about motorcycles (still learning).  Thanks to the information and products provided by Cycle Re-Cycle Part II I was able to piece a reliable bike together to learn on.  A year later I decided to take it a step further and purchased an Ernest Rich frame (again,  info provided through Cycle Re-Cycle Part II) and ordered several custom parts from Cycle Re-Cycle Part II. Though some welding and fab work was done on my part, I can't help to think that this would not have been possible without the staff at Cycle Re-Cycle Part II.

Thank you.

WOW! You guys are quick! You may be seeing more of me...


Hey there, I just wanted to say thanks for the great service I got from you guys recently. I was impressed right from the start when I got a call to make sure the filters I'd ordered were the right size (they weren't... but y'all fixed that) And then everything showed up 2 days after I'd ordered it! That's incredible. I was also remarking to the cafe racer group that you had EVERYTHING I needed, down to a little chunk of fuel line! That was fabulous! You were the only place I could find everything I wanted/needed. I didn't want to order from 2-3 or more places and have to pay shipping at each of them, so it worked out great!

Thanks again


Just wanted to let you know I received the parts for the 1972 Honda k3 today, and were exactly what I needed. Special thanks to Rob for the extra effort he went to making sure I got the right air filter. He's a good asset to your company. Hope we can do business again,

recommending your company to everyone I can think of.

Thank you very much. That's the kind of customer service I haven't seen in

a while and is much appreciated. Thank you and I look forward to

recommending your company to everyone I can think of.

Hi guys just wanted to say thanks for the fast service, got it today and bike is running strong again.


Hello CRC-

I have just ordered main jets from you for my 1977 Honda CB750, which has your pod air filters. I have specified 120's as the jet size, but curious to know if you would recommend a different size.

I would also like to thank you for your excellent service. You are absolutely the best retailer I have come across on the internet. You have made it a real pleasure to rebuild my classic motorcycle.

Thanks a million

I just placed an order for these rings plus a top end gasket kit. I would

just like to express my satisfaction with your service. Excellent,

professional and efficient are three words that come to mind. I was very

pleased and will definitely pass the word

Hello Rob

Thanks again for the excellent service your company maintains.  Ya'll are heads above the others out there.

Last month I ordered some cables from your company, this is the first time I have bought from you. I am on the road a couple of days a week and called while I was out, when I got home the package was already here. The staff that answered the phone and took my info was knowledgeable and friendly(hard to find these days) I will be ordering from you again and have already told several people about

you. Thanks and keep up the good work

Thanks - that's most helpful. I've always had great service from your


Wow I got my order today and I am totally impressed! Thank you for the amazingly fast shipment I can't wait to put all of this stuff on!

keep up the good work I will send every bike owner I know to your site!

Thanks for all the supplies, everything looks good. Great Service! I'll definitely be ordering from you again.

I just wanted to let you know that today I got the parts.

The shipment was super quick and your service is always top notch.

I deal with several vendors but you guys are on top of the list, I whish they were all like you.

Thanks and keep up the good work! Best Regards,

Love The PODS!!!!! I Put them On My GS750 Hooligan Bike and They Look COOL Bike runs Well with them Thank You and You can Use this for advertising if you Want. Also I Will Send You Pics when I am Done with the bike. Thanks again


I found the starter button for the old Yamaha on your assisted web links !! I just wanted to thank you for your extra efforts in helping me with this and getting the valve cover gaskets too.  AS I stated that's why you have 10,000 customers instead of 100's.  Se ya next time I need anything !

Got the seat cover and o-rings and just wanted to thank you. I'm very pleased with the cover and thanks for combining my other order with it.  Hope to do business with you again.

Received my package from your store today. Just wanted to let you know your one of the easiest online stores I've ever shopped at! Everything I ordered was in stock and it all came real quick. Awesome dude

Hi to all of you at CRC

Very fast service ,Im happy .

Thank a Lot

Hello Rob,

Thanks for the tip on finding the master cyl parts for my 92 Suzuki. You were 100% correct. The kits are different. I did find the clutch cyl kit. Go ahead and send me just 1 brake master kit.

Thanks for all your help. I will be referring anyone that needs parts to you.

I thank you very much for the information. After e-mailing several other places, you are the only one who could help. And will definitely be getting in touch with you. Again thank you, you've been a great help.

Thank you for all your help. Your service is exceptional.

Hi, Just to confirm safe arrival of item listed below, great service!, efficient, and swift, many thanks, one very happy customer!!

Hello-   I recently ordered a crash bar for my Honda Rebel 250. I was impressed with the quick delivery.  It was very easy to install, only took about 10 minutes.  Now all I need is some warm weather.  Anyway, just wanted to say thank you.

You are the best!

I'll promote you to one and all since you sell great stuff and have an

amazing and friendly service!

Thanks for sending out my parts so quick, you guys rule. Will use again for







Hey guys

Got my items last wednesday. Good service, good packing

good products, good price. This is my second successful

purchase on your store. If you need international

reference, I fully recommend you.

Hello Sirs,

Just wanted to thank you on a recent exchange that I did on a motorcycle chain that I bought. I exchanged the chain for one with a couple more links.  I received the exchanged part today and it fits perfect on my Honda CL350. Thanks again for the quick and no hassle service that you provide.


Hi there!

I just thought I would drop a line thanking your business. I ordered 4 carb repair kits from you, and got them on thursday. I was shocked, I couldnt believe they got here so fast! Anyways I rebuilt all 4 carbs on my bike today, and now she is purring like a kitten. Not to mention I saved quite a bit of money. I WILL be doing business with you again, and many of my

friends likewise. Thank you again

Thanks for responding Angela. I'm impressed by CRC's quick processing and I plan on do much more business with you in the future. Thanks again!


This is **********, I just bought the headlight and mounts for the CX500 from you. I had a little bit of fun getting everything to fit, but it works and looks great. Thanks very much for shipping so promptly, and for being so helpful. My face hurts from grinning so much!


I can't thank you enough for the info you gave me on the ignition modules. It was quite a relief . I have been trying to find two parts for my bike, and I can't seem to find them anywhere. One was the ignition modules, and the other was what is referred to as the switch assembly. (It is connected just after the positive cable to the battery, and the bike.) I can only assume that it could be the equivalent to the solenoid on a car. It was also missing when I picked up the bike. I will be sure to spread the word around about the web site, and I plan to do whatever shopping I can through you. Once again, thanks for your time, and your help.

Hello. My names **** and I recently ordered your Viper Style fairing and Superbike handlebar for my 1982 Honda CB450T Hawk and I'm very very glad I purchased them because it's like they were made for my bike. I turned my simple looking standard motorcycle into a cafe racing style motorcycle, which is what I'm after. I really like the products you sell because you have many items that can be used on my old Japanese bike, where other places are just selling to the newer motorcycle market. It's hard to find good parts for an older bike like mine, so you can bet I'll be going to you first if I need further parts for my old beast. Thanx again and take care.


I had ordered GL Cam Belts for my dad as a part of his Christmas present.   That order was placed on November 27 and also shipped the same day.  I received the belts today even though there was a holiday in there!!   I am really impressed with the service! and price.  I will be sure to let my dad know of the great service so if he needs to order anything for his GL1000 engine, he can go through you guys.   I just thought I'd drop you a note to let you know.

Thanks again!!

Hi There

Inlet rubbers arrived this morning excellant very pleased, even with the import duty and tax thay are still about half the price i would have to pay over hear thanks very much, have left you feedback.


I was very impressed doing business with you!

I received my parts almost immediately and the quality was excellent. I was able to repair my bike and I am very pleased. Its nice to know there is still businesses out there that continue to carry parts for vintage bikes. Thank you and I plan to do business with you again as well as recommend you to my friends.

I received my first order from CRC II in just 2 days! I appreciate the extremely fast service, and the option to use PayPal is a real

PLUS in my book!

Thanks for great deals and an easy-to-use online catalog...I'll be back!

I have dealt with quite a few companies in my time. But I have recently ordered some parts for my chopper from you guys, and was shocked. Your phone service was friendly, and to the point, and very helpful. The item arrived quickly, and the prices are great!!!......Thanks very much. I did place a link on my site for you guys...Keep upthe good work, will be dealing with you guys again......Thanks

Good morning

I received my order yesterday and just wanted to thank you for your prompt service. My experience with USA suppliers is normally not good. It is great to receive good service and I will spread the word here in Cape Town

Thanks once again


Thank you. It is such a pleasure to deal with a company that still remembers what "customer service" is. I really appreciate your fast responses to my questions. I will be placing an order for brake pads with your company shortly. Keep up the great work!


I just wanted to let you know that the used Spark Unit you sold me on Saturday works GREAT!!!!! I have a good running bike once again. Thanks for making my first shopping experience at Cycle-Re-Cycle Part II a good one. Good prices, knowledgeable and friendly staff and good products are what make good businesses. That's what I saw on Saturday . I will spread the word to all my motorcycle friends. I will also keep in mind the 1983 Honda VT500C parts you said you have in stock for down the road.

From one happy customer


I'd like to thank you all at Cycle Re-Cycle. I have a 1981 Honda CB900F that I purchased needing lots of parts. I found that parts for that bike aren't the easiest to find these days. Then I found your website, and I've found almost everything I need. The parts got to me right away each time I've ordered something. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the prompt, quality service.

Thank you,

Hi Rob, my rectifier/regulator and connectors came in the mail today, thank you very much for the quick service and answering all of my dumb questions, that was very nice of you, good customer service has become rare thing, I look forward to doing business with you in the future.


Just wanted to drop you a note about how pleased I am with your service and selection. I have worked with a few companies online and yours is among the best. Thank you and keep up the good work and quality service.

Dear Cycle-Recycle,

Thanks for your INCREDIBLY FAST DELIVERY of my updated Virago starter.  I had discovered that the problem was really due to a battery (Yuasa) which died instantly and without warning, so I was planning to cancel my order for the starter.  But before I could do it the package was at my door.  AM I GLAD!!!  For the first time in the 20,000+ miles I've been riding my XV-920 it finally starts without rattling, clanking, and failing to engage. Yamaha should warranty retrofit these starters to all old Viragos.   Thanks again!


To Whom It May Concern:

I'm writing to pass on some well-deserved praise about the performance at ( Since I am often quick to criticize poor service, I want to be sure to give credit for good service when it's due.

I want to compliment Rob Eberle on his excellent customer service in tracking down and obtaining obscure motorcycle parts for me. As you can imagine, this made me quite happy.

Perhaps it would help to tell you a little bit about myself. I've done business with your company from time to time, and this experience fits with the great impression I've always had of you. The main reason I buy from you is because I think you're the best.

I think I'd pay even more than I do now if your service were always like this. Because of this experience I plan to use your company again in the future, and I will certainly recommend you to people I know.

Please make sure that whoever is responsible for this great service gets credit for it. And keep up the good work!

We hope to give you the best online shopping experience possible. It is not enough to simply list the parts. It is our responsibility to know those parts and be able to answer any questions our customers have about the parts we sell. We will always strive to offer fast shipping, quality parts, and great prices.