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One of our great customers came up with a solution for mounting our Air Pod Filters to
a ZX600R Ninja. This will work for the following models

ZX600A '85-'87
ZX600B '87
ZX600C '88-'97

The issue that was overcome was the filters used "as is" will not mount due to the spacing
between the outside carb pairs (1-2) and (3-4). The alternative was to buy K&N air pods
that come in a Siamese design at a cost of 190.00+!!!

Below we will show you how he mounted them using the old intake runners from the factory air box.

What our customer wrote...

Thought you guys might want to see how my install came out, I told Rob that I would send picks you
might want to forward to other people who buy them for the 1988 zx600c I was told that they wont fit
well and that I would have to bend the sides in to get them to fit, well here is what I did, I used the
Rubber thingy connectors from the stock intake box and cut them for a better fit with a Razor, then I removed
the rubber connector from the New Pod Air Filter , and connected the adapted one with the new pod, its a pretty
good look, check out the picks. take care good luck!